21 March 2008

FBI Opens Probe of China-based hackers

Attacks on a group campaiging to save Darfur. The cui bono test can only point to the Sudanese government or to China. Article refers to what it calls a "near decade-old pattern of cyber-espionage and cyber-intimidation by the Chinese government against critics of its human rights practices, experts said". No expert named or quoted. The Chinese say the allegation is false.

Presumably we can expect lots more anti-China stories in the run-up to the Olympics. Previous post suggests free-lancers certainly exist in China. Must check out what western ex-hackers claim is going on. Time to check out the Cult of the Dead Cow [oh, yes, I'm afraid so! OK, try the Legion of Doom if you prefer it. The Wikipedia site for them is one of the funniest Ive read in a while]

Wikipedia says that the Cult of the Dead Cow worked with the Hong Kong Blondes in the 1990s to disrupt computer networks in China for the purpose of allowing access to censored content. They have since severed contact. This is all part of "Hacktivismo"

if you want to pursue the subject, the Cult's Home page is at: http://www.cultdeadcow.com/
If youre a bit of a wimp on these issues and afraid of being hacked, stick to the Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cult_of_the_Dead_Cow

Something is going on in webworld, and academics will be getting grants to research it before too long. Even looser networks than usual are involved.

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hanum said...

IT security consultancy Sophos said the number of companyfocused internet attacks was doubling each year, potentially costing companies billions of pounds through piracy, spying, sabotage and blackmail.