28 November 2012

Attitudes towards security threats uncovered

Research published on how UK public feels about security threats. Apparently theyre not convinced by the threat of international terrorism and the measures being taken by police and government against it.

Russians profit from Britain's offshore secrecy

Guardian also running an investigation into dodging dealings in the UK. Today's involves Russians, just like the Independent's below.

Alexander Perepilichnyy: Supergrass who held key to huge Russian fraud is found dead in Surrey

Independent article on the "Klyuev group", allegedly a group of corrupt officials and underworld figures being investigated for major frauds. Hermitage Capital, a British hedge fund, claim to have been a major victim and the Swiss have been investigating. People keep dying mysteriously...

10 November 2012

Far East fakes: The burgeoning underworld of counterfeit goods

Independent has a piece on counterfeit designer goods. Nothing really new in it, but brings various strands together in a single article.

Manager wanted for ex-mafia assets

In Italy a group of business schools and associations launched a postgraduate course to teach how to become good managers of assets that the government has seized from the Mafia.

Camorra banned from Church

Cardinal Sepe, the Archbishop of Naples, have denied Camorra members the right to be also member of the Church. Cardinal Sepe declared that he had ordered his clergy to ban Camorra members -  unless repetent - from the Church, "even if dead".

08 November 2012

police spy Mark Kennedy accused of false claims in french case

Mark Kennedy accused of inventing claims about Tarnac group. This case has been going on for four years now. "The coming insurrection" was the text and all sorts of connections were made..but was it all a convenient fantasy for the French Ministry of the Interior...and others. The illegitimate English "national domestic extremism unit" invented by ACPO, with no parliamentary legislation creating it is involved in creating the "evidence". Who will ever know what was going on?

07 November 2012

Women and the Camorra

Police arrested 48 person (among them, many women) during an anti-Camorra operation this morning. Investigators underlined the increasing importance of women in many Camorrean clans, where they took over the leading positions of their inmate husbands.

01 November 2012

Naples: A city where life is cheap

160 innocent bystanders killed by Camorra in Naples since 1980. Article in the Indpendent gives some insight into criminal careers, structures and rivalries in Northern naples.