26 February 2013

Hacking incidents and the rise of the new Chinese bogeyman

Useful sceptical view. Points out that everyone [ie states] is doing it and that China isnt as secure as it is presented. The military-digital complex can be more profitable than the military-industrial complex, he says.

Comment is free The Banksy mural affair: art market or art racket?

Move along there. Nothing criminal going on here. How the rich attempt to gain prestige and tax refunds by dabbling in art and how the dealers play both ends against the middle. Not really surprising stuff gets stolen, eh? I suppose graffiti is mysteriously disappearing all over Chicago as you read this...Will it be tax-deductible to buy a building with a Bansy on the wall soon? "I was preserving it for the nation. Oops...it fell down..."

16 February 2013

Horsemeat scandal linked to secret network of firms

Not really sure that this article isnt smoke and mirrors about smoke and mirrors. Essentially, it is saying that there are companies at the heart of the scandal that hide their true owners.

Chicago has a new Public Enemy No 1 - Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman... the world’s most powerful drug trafficker

Piece from the Independent on the role of Chicago in the import and manufacture of drugs from the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico

14 February 2013

Russian-led cybergang broken by police

The Ransomware virus. You get a message from Europol or a national police force claiming to be fining you 100 euros for looking at child porn, file sharing or terrorist sites. Clever stuff. Not too much and all recently created offences with high media exposure. Better to pay and keep quiet!

12 February 2013

Skills needed to fight cybercrime

National Audit Office assesses UK state of cybercrime threat and response. Some useful figures in the report.

The Comment Group: The hackers hunting for clues about you

Frustrating article that appears to tell us loads about a specific Chinese group, but in the end doesn't quite. Its really about making employees more phishing aware.

04 February 2013

Death of Russian mobster sparks fears of turf war in Sochi

What's going on in Sochi? Comments on the state of Russian organised crime after the death of a "thief in law".

02 February 2013

Interactive map of drug smuggling routes to Norway

I think this is my first post in Norwegian! handy little graphic. fairly easy to work out what most of it means too.

01 February 2013

EU drug markets report: key findings

Press release on yesterday's report on the EU drugs market. Lots of useful links at the bottom including one to the full text. Interesting comments on the changing nature of organised crime too.