20 March 2008

Art Forgery Operation broken up by joint FBI-Spanish operation

This is the Guardian version. An "art forgery ring" it calls it. How about "An organised crime gang of counterfeiters". Let's not mince our words here, just because it's art! Art dealers in Chicago and Florida sold forged artwork supposed to be Picassos Dalis and Warhols to gullible customers. Ebay was also used. At least $5million was made by the enterprise. FBI, the Mossos d'esquadrs or autonomous Catalan police [not the "Spanish" Guardian editor please note!] and the Italian carabinieri [ignored by the headline writer] launched a joint operation in 2006.
I'll add links to the American end of the story when I find them.

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Bill Tupman said...

El Pais has a small piece here: http://www.elpais.com/articulo/cultura/FBI/caza/red/falsificadores/espanoles/elppgl/20080320elpepicul_7/Tes
FBI the lead agency, mention of Catalans [el Pais is very much a Castilian paper] and of Italians, but reads like a Press release rather than a piece of investigative journalism. What's the main paper in Barcelona then?