28 May 2012

Flame: Massive cyber-attack discovered, researchers say

Russian security company, Kaspersky Labs exposes Flame. Malware that collects sensitive information. Both Israel and Iran targetted.


19 May 2012

Bomb attack outside a school in Brindisi (Apulia)

The bomb attack has killed a 16 years old girl and injured several persons. Mayor blames organized crime for this unprecedented attack.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/italy/9276635/Bomb-attack-outside-Italian-school-kills-teenage-girl-and-wounds-seven.html (en)

http://www.corriere.it/cronache/12_maggio_19/brindisi-esplode-ordigno-scuola-feriti_3c11fef0-a17f-11e1-8681-fb83092733eb.shtml (ita)

18 May 2012

Italian laundry

How Mafia-style groups use the gambling market for money laundering


14 May 2012

Derry: fear and republican vigilantes stalk new city of culture

Guardian article on the activities of post-IRA organisation RAAD Republican Action Against Drugs in Derry City. Vigilantism running amok.


U.S. May Scrap Costly Efforts to Train Iraqi Police

Piece from the New York Times suggesting that the State Department's programme to train the Iraqi police was poorly conceived, poorly planned and is about to be abandoned


03 May 2012