30 November 2009

Bank data transfer deal with US reached

US anti-terrorist officials have access to European bank accounts for another 9 months

29 November 2009

Kazakh Bank Lost Billions

But was there fraud? The guy under scrutiny is an opponent of the regime and therefore a good guy...sound familiar? But did he break any laws? isn't that for the Kazakh courts to decide? US is getting itself into knots here...Where has all the money gone? well, don't worry, The Manhattan D.A.'s office is bound to do the legally correct thing...isn't it?

25 November 2009

Police protest training in chaos, report finds

Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary wrote it, so it's a serious critique. Ive chosen the Times rather than the Guardian, because the Guardian is usually critical of the police. Note that at the end of the article the Times continues the Tory attack on ACPO. Guardian defends the right to demonstrate. Times and Telegraph attack ACPO. Those are the not so hidden agendas, that should be borne in mind. Both, may of course, be correct.

Goldmine of black market in Russian data

If you're the government or the police and you keep data on people, rest assured, someone will sell it. There is no such thing as secure data. Discuss

24 November 2009

"Police targeting people for their DNA"

DNA database rules in England and Wales encouraging police to arrest individuals to get their DNA onto the database. This story is in all the papers today. Ive gone for the Independent in the hope that its relatively calm in its reporting. The quqotes in the article are from the chair of the Human Genetics Commission, the government watchdog on the use of DNA.

23 November 2009

The police are wrong to gear up for a fight with David Cameron's Tories

Telegraph opinion piece that follows President of ACPO's attack on Tory plans for elected police commissioners. Sets out some of the Tory critique of the police.

16 November 2009

Britons killed in car crash during Dutch police chase

Alleged group of ATM raiders, mostly from Liverpool. Gang alleged to have had prised cash machine from wall

09 November 2009

Secrets from Ulster

Boston University's Irish Insttute has been interviewing ex-IRA and former protestant paramilitaries. First set of accounts "Voices from the Grave" about to come out. Prick up your ears academics everywhere. This from the Belfast Telegraph via the Independent.

04 November 2009

Town halls set to lose surveillance powers

Sub editor as usual not bothered to read article. No they arent going to lose them at all. The Home Secretary is just saying "tut tut. Naughty!"

Piles of stolen airport bags found at US couple's house

Well, if you still have faith in private enterprise, read this and weep. Phoenix airport stopped checking passengers baggage claim tickets 10 years ago as a cost-cutting measure. I'm not quite sure what this means, but the spokesperson "said passengers should avoid putting critical medications or expensive items in checked luggage, clearly mark their bags, and pick them up as soon as possible after landing". Bizarre stuff, but its from the New Zealand Herald, so sense may have been lost in translation. Just goes to show, you can prevent crime if youre prepared to...doesn't it?

03 November 2009

Three held as massive tobacco hauls seized

Van and people carrier stopped in separate incidents at Poole ferryport