31 December 2011

Anonymous exposes 75,000 credit card numbers

Anonymous versus Stratfor. "Project Mayhem". Tonight, New Year eve, Anonymous says there will be a new attack. Target is law enforcement agencies, but part of the game appears to be to demonstrate how insecure web passwords and companies are, which is a tradition of these groups.

Game Changers 2011

An oversight of the "Kingpin Strategy"...the killing or capturing of leading figures in organised crime in the Americas...and the bloody consequences: turf wars, displacement and neo-imperialism. there's a report to download as a .pdf

I havent had a chance to read the whole report, but sharing it seems rather important.

Escalating wars over lucrative drug dealing ‘turfs’ are being blamed for a rise in shootings on Merseyside this year

Still keeping an eye on my home city. Consequences of police success against the Whitney family in Anfield and Walton were always predictable. Growth of cannabis production not so predictable and must surely also reflect a growing market? The detective in the piece argues that production is small scale and controlled at arms length to keep the big guys from being imprisoned. He also says that gangs are trying to "tax" producers and dealers. Two other reasons for gun use are: producing in someone else's area and "annoying" someone. there are three pages to the story. All worth reading

28 December 2011

Under Obama, an emerging global apparatus for drone killing

Anything used for counter-terrorism ends up being used against organised crime, now that the latter is a matter of national security, not a matter of due process...so these will be used against drug cartels in Mexico, Colombia etc. Metropolitan Police already buying them for surveillance purposes, apparently [well a couple of UK newspapers say so.] Legal framework for use? Murky, to say the least. accountability? Transparency?

Are they vulnerable to a Stuxnet-type of worm?

26 December 2011

"Anonymous" hackers hit US security firm Stratfor

If it's ture that they used credit card details to make donations to various charities, could take some time to untangle. BBC cautiously pointing out that it's only a claim.

Comment is free Stop looking for the next al-Qaida

I dont think he's right, in that new threats really do exist. though of a different type. Where he is correct is in saying that the academic pursuit of grants can be seen as part of a new counter-terrorism industry, and is allied to rather unpleasant people who wish to maintain draconian anti-civil rights legislation in place while makking money out of dubious technological "solutions".

But then, I suppose I'm part of the industry!

25 December 2011

Why can't Nigeria defeat Boko Haram?

BBC piece on the origins and development of the group behind the Church blasts and other explosions. Also the wrong reaction from the government: a mixture of incompetence and intransigence, apparently.

Cyber Cold War rhetoric haunts the US and China

Nice piece from al Jazeera. Warns against the interests of "security contractors" exaggerating events in order to drum up business. Also points out the dangers of using metaphors from a previous era. finally points out that the US isn't an innocent party in all of this curious manouvring on the world Wide web.

24 December 2011

Colombian crime boss turns himself in - along with 283 members of his militia

I think there was talk about mass surrenders a week ago. FARC members may watch with interest...or not!

23 December 2011

Plymouth Drugs Trial

Details of a network linking Plymouth and Manchester. 30 people have been on trial and convicted.

21 December 2011

Private firm wins £200m police deal

Lincolnshire privatises back office functions...and custody suites...Here we go!

16 December 2011


11 people have been arrested by the anti-Mafia squad in a dawn raid, as part of the hunt for Matteo Messina Denaro. Those arrested are thought to have links to the recently dismantled Campobello di Mazara Mafia clan. These include the Mayor, Ciro' Carava', who has been in office since 2006 and began a new term last June.

News in Italian here on La Repubblica

11 December 2011

Inside Syria: the rebel call for arms and ammunition

Smugglers sense a business opportunity...But it doesnt sound too well organised yet

07 December 2011

Gomorrah boss arrested

Camorra boss Michele Zagaria was arrested last night while hiding in an underground bunker. He has been a fugitive since 1995.

06 December 2011

Camorra and Politics

The Court of Naples has executed orders of pre-trial custody for 55 Camorra mobsters - included PDL party member Nicola Cosentino.

Schwab, suspect in crime spree, was on downward spiral, family and friends say

Odd and sad little story which will probably be made into a film. Former MS-13 member who allegedly suddenly went on a crime spree.

04 December 2011

Revealed: how police lost control of summer riots in first crucial 48 hours

Police Federation report into riots points finger at new communications system and shortage of riot equipment

03 December 2011

Did Conficker help sabotage Iran nuclear programme?

More on Stuxnet, its predecessor [or was it?] "Conficker" by Bumgarner of the US Cyber Consequences Unit. there are different stories circulating...Its up to you to decide which bit is disinformation...and why? Cui bono still remains the best test.

02 December 2011

Judge, politician and policeman targeted in Italy mafia arrests

Prosecutors say an Italian judge, politician and police official are among 10 people detained in a crackdown on the 'ndrangheta crime syndicate.
A statement from Milan prosecutors today said the investigation was conducted jointly by anti-mafia authorities in Milan and southern Reggio Calabria, home of the 'ndrangheta.