09 July 2015

Australian figures linked to Calabrian Mafia revealed

Australian authorities cannot afford to let their focus on terrorism allow them to become complacent about the reach of the Calabrian Mafia, organised crime experts have warned.

11 March 2014

How Thailand's trade in fake passports fuels crime gangs around the world

As usual, title is misleading, but some information about stolen and counterfeit passports. In fact, the majority of UK passports are stolen in Spain, the article says. An interesting pastiche of what the reporter could throw together as the story of the stolen passports and the disappearing aircraft begins to move on.

28 February 2014

Al Qaeda the third generation Part One

This is the first part of the article, which i read on the plane back from turkey yesterday. Just found it! fascinating analysis.

Al Qaeda: the third generation

Interesting piece, effectively revisiting a piece in the Economist on Urban Guerillas many years ago.

21 February 2014

Information about new Summer School

The website for the new Summer School is under construction. Some of the links in the bar at the top of the page lead to more information, some are still being organised. This was as of 21st February.

New issue of SGOC Newsletter

There's something not quite right with the link, but if you scroll down, the Newsletter is just past the weird stuff.

17 December 2013

Cybercrime shopping list study points to falling prices

Interesting study of the going price for stolen computer and other details on criminal forums suggests that there's a glut of information and that the price is therefore going down.

Police target Salford 'untouchables' in dawn raids following investigation into drugs and guns

Normally, we look at Liverpool here, but Manchester is equally interesting. This article seems to hint at a rudimentary capo di tutti capi in Salford...

That $2.5 Million Classic Jaguar for Sale May Be a Fake

Only 33 ever built, but 100 on sale...

Ransomware creation kit 'sought by cyber-thieves'

Cybercrime marches on. Customisable off the shelf software being created for blackmailers and others without computer skills, but good ideas on how to make money.