23 October 2007

Organized Crime Takes Lead in Italy’s Economy

Organized crime represents the biggest segment of the Italian economy, accounting for more than $127 billion in receipts, according to a report issued Monday, the NYT reports.

19 October 2007

Canada 2007 OC report

The 2007 Annual Report on Organized Crime in Canada (pdf 2.7 MB) aims to provide an overall strategic picture of organized crime in Canada and give an understanding of the numerous ways organized crime impacts the lives of Canadians. This report, the only comprehensive overview of organized crime in Canada available to the public, highlights a variety of criminal markets and the threats they pose to communities across the country.

17 October 2007

Gun control in Japan

The Japanese government adopted legislation Tuesday to toughen punishment for firing or owning guns in connection with organized crime activities, a response to a spate of high-profile shootings by gangsters.

14 October 2007

September Issue of the Newsletter

The September 2007 issue of the Newsletter is available here (pdf). A short overview of the content of this issue:

  • Overview of the Pisa conference and the SGOC panels
  • Abstracts of the papers presented in Pisa
  • Pictures from the Pisa meetings
  • New Executive of the SGOC
  • Overview of the Turin Young Researcher Workshop on crime and counter crime policies in the Balkans
  • Conferences to attend
  • Books to read

    Please do not forget to send us articles, announcements, book reviews and other materials that we can include in the newsletter and share with all SGOC members...