30 April 2012

Web War II: what a future cyberwar will look like

Cut and paste piece from the BBC magazine. 3 part documentary to be broadcast on BBC World Service and then available on iplayer. Probably worth downloading, especially f they get a debate going between those who could be accused of exaggerating the threat for business purposes and those who are more balanced and analytical.


27 April 2012

Thein Sein's drug problem

Useful update on narcotics production in Burma. Warlords, militias, ethnic groups, corrupt Army commanders, changing markets. A reminder that not so long ago, Burma was the world's biggest opium producer.


EU Anti Mafia Committee

A new committee of MEPs has been given one year to investigate organised crime, corruption and money laundering in the European Union, and to come up with fresh proposals to tackle the issue.

Anti Mafia Committee Set Up by European Parliament

Sonia Alfano (ALDE, IT) was elected chair of the recently established special committee on organised crime, corruption and money laundering, during its first meeting on Tuesday in Strasbourg. Committee members also elected 4 vice-chairs and nominated Salvatore Iacolino (EPP, IT) as rapporteur.

26 April 2012

Credit card 'info for sale' websites closed in global raids

and about time too! But they will just defect to the Dark or deep web.
Particularly idiotic remark from SOCA cybercrime head: "I'd rather arrest 10 code writers than 1,000 front-end fraudsters," 
It's the organisers, stupid! Code writers are tools just like the front-enders


Camorra member arrested in London

Italian police - together with Interpol, the Serious Organized Crime Agency and Scotland Yard - arrested a Camorra (the Naples-based crime syndicate) member yesterday. Gianfranco Techegnè had been on the run for 30 years.


25 April 2012

EU Terrorism situation and trend report from Europol

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24 April 2012

Rocco Trimboli, a top 'Ndrangheta fugitive, has been arrested

Rocco Trimboli, who was on the run since 2010, was arrested today near Reggio Calabria. He had been convicted for drug trafficking and mafia association. Trimboli is also considered a key person in the  increasing role of the 'Ndrangheta in northern Italy.


19 April 2012

Insecurity and failed states: the problems of prohibition

Former senior figure in MI6 calls for a different approach to illegal drugs.

18 April 2012

The arrival of Riina Jr in Padua is causing protests

Last week Riina Jr, the son of Cosa Nostra boss Toto' Riina, has been tranferred from special surveillance in Corleone - where he lived after imprisonment for assication with organized crime  - to Padua, where he started to work as a volunteer for a NPO. The arrival of Riina Jr had been delayed due to numerous protests, particularly from members of the Northern League. The president of the Province of Padua has just announced appeal to the Court to avoid his presence in the northern city.

16 April 2012

30th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime

The 30th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime will take place at Jesus College, Cambridge, UK, from Sunday 2nd September through Sunday 9th September 2012.

The title of The Symposium is Economic Crime - Surviving the Fall - Myths and Realities.

the programme is available from the website linked from the title of this post.

15 April 2012

Traditional Organized Crime in the Modern World

Despite strenuous efforts from local, national, and international law enforcement, organized crime continues to thrive and prosper—even centuries-old crime outfits are surviving the global forces of mass migration and multinational business and finance. From traditional gangland enterprises such as narcotics, gambling, and prostitution, the world’s mafias have moved into new sources of illegal income, including high-tech arms smuggling, money laundering, and identity fraud. Traditional Crime in the Modern World tracks these organizations—the Italian and Mexican mafias, Columbian drug cartels, Chinese triads, and others—across five continents as they adapt to change, and assesses their prospects in the short and long term. World events such as the collapse of the Soviet Union and the 9/11 terror attacks are discussed in the context of contributing to emerging markets for illicit goods and services, and to evolving partnerships among criminal entities. This timely volume: • Provides a comprehensive overview of how mafia-like structures function today. • Analyzes in depth national crime situations with global implications. • Examines the migration of organized crime groups and their operations in their new countries. • Gauges the influence of digital and other technologies on organized crime. • Where applicable, notes the links between organized crime and national political institutions. • Describes the impact of the global financial crisis on crime organizations. Concise, compelling, and deeply documented, Traditional Crime in the Modern World is an eye-opening resource for researchers in Criminology and Criminal Justice, particularly with an interest in organized crime and trafficking, as well as related topics of Demography, Political Science, and International Relations.

12 April 2012

Greece: Oil Smuggling Helps Define the 'Parliamentary Mafiocracy'

In an interview with Oilprice.com, Dr. Panos Kostakos, a Greek political analyst and expert in organized crime and terrorism, reminds us that “Greece is the birthplace of democracy, but the tragedy is that the current political system is a Parliamentary Mafiocracy. We should always keep that in mind when discussing issues of law and order and justice.”


10 April 2012

£3m cannabis seized and 130 farms raided in Merseyside Police crackdown on drug

Meanwhile...back in Liverpool 5,500 cannabis plants seized in an attack on stoned Smurfs...

Full text of the judgement in the case of Babar Ahmed et al.

Contains a review of all the arguments from UK Courts and the misgivings of judges en route. Certainly not a decision taken in haste! Also reviews relevant domestic and international law. basic issues seem to be: length of sentence and conditions at ADX Florence.

Crime on a budget: Estonian gang’s jewel raids by budget flight

The flying Estonians! A real case of criminals taking advantage of the free movement of people to commit crime. Jewellery thefts.

Who will police the police?

Desultory piece on the search for elected Chief Constables [oops, sorry Crime and policing commissioners or something]: celebrities, superannuated cops and politicians...Bit of a rag bag really.

Burglaries rise sharply as criminals target Dublin's commuter counties

An interesting national perspective on patterns of burglary across Ireland.

03 April 2012

Italian National Anti-Mafia Directorate lacks resources

The financing for the Italian Anti-Mafia Directorate has been further decreased this year, despite its successes in recovering assets from organized crime.

Hate crime, cyber security and the experience of crime among children: Findings from the 2010/11 British Crime Survey Supplementary Volume 3 to Crime

Latest Home Office Statistical Bulletin

02 April 2012

Toxic Europe: trafficking of waste

Urban, nuclear and electronic. The trafficking of waste has long become a new very profitable business for organised crime syndicates. “Toxic Europe” analyses the phenomenon from a transnational point of view. Italy, Belgium and Romania: three examples to show the European-scope of the problem and to describe the process of waste production, waste managing and how it can turn into waste trafficking and illegal disposal. Contrarily to waste production, which is a simple process, waste treatment is expensive and complex, hence a new type of crime-people who make waste "disappear" for a low cost stepped in.

Toxic Europe