19 May 2010

Liverpool Drug Runner Michael Hailwood gets 22 years after huge police operation

After the recent post on heroin importation via Liverpool, I was wondering how the cocaine was getting in. Here's the story. I wonder how many stories I'm losing by not monitoring local papers. please send me them if you come across them! This was Opeation Greengage.. there is a Scottish element to it as well.

18 May 2010

Operations continue against clan Pelle of the 'Ndrangheta

Piece from La repubblica. 5 million Euros seized by carabinieri. I have to confess that the article stretches my Italian further than normal! I would be grateful for anyone who adds some comments to summarise the piece.

Eco-anarchists: a new breed of terrorist?

Somewhat alarmist piece. The Lib-Dem spokesperson quoted halfway down Is a voice of reason..."Domestic extremism" is not [yet!] a recognised offence in UK law. Il Silvestre, who allegedly planned to attack IBM in Switzerland because they oppose nano-technology, are worth studying, but to turn them into a coordinated European movement is something of an exaggeration. On the other hand, scholars of terrorism have been waiting for something new to come over the horizon for a while. This may or may not be it...watch out for the instant experts!

Police Chiefs Urge End to Bonus Culture

Well done, people! That saves the government having to think of it for themselves. Now let me hear that university Vice-chancellors are going to do the same!

17 May 2010

Website reveals london's most wanted

Metropolitan Police relaunch website, hosted by Crimestoppers, in an attempt to trce missing murderers, rapists, robbers and fraudsters.

16 May 2010

Liverpool drugs gang boss facing jail after massive heroin smuggling plot

Gang broken up in 2006 but alleged leader only picked up in Netherlands late 2009. drugs hidden in pallets. Gang apparently 13 strong. drugs came from Afghanistan via Turkey and the Netherlands.

"20 years on, where are we in the investigations into the murders of Falcone and Borsellino?

Slightly whimsical piece [in Italian] from la Reppublica. But its the only piece on organised crime Ive managed to find this weekend. Organised crime is not news right now....but that doesnt mean its stopped. Just that there are other stories: UK election and the new coalition, the FA Cup, Thailand...Your blogger will keep searching!

10 May 2010

Who's allied with whom in the great Southern Italian fruit scrump

La Reppublic tells us more about the previous post. In Italian, of course!

dozens arrested in anti-Mafia raids

All this election stuff has kidnapped the UK crime reporters. Fortunately, the Irish Times remains focussed. Italian police are breaking up an attempt by the Sicilian Mafia allied with the Neopolitan Camorra to take control of the fruit and vegetable trade in the South of Italy. We may find out more once the UK press remembers its supposed to be about NEWS, not hanging around minor celebrities.

A Pimp's family Business

First of the two articles by Conor Lally on the T.J. Carroll case. Profits used to buy properties in a variety of countries. Alleged that the next intention was to open a chain in South Africa for the World Cup.

Carroll case is no exception in Ireland

Comments by Ruhama, a voluntary organisation in Ireland on the overall situation with regard to prostitution in that country.

Life Inside an Irish Brothel

Second of two articles. This one purports to tell some of the inside story of the T.J.Carroll case. This man with his wife and daughter managed a chain of 48 brothels inside Ireland from Catlemartin in Wales.

05 May 2010

Smash-and-grab jewel raiders strike at Westfield Shopping Centre

Apparently the UK is being plagued by moped-mounted raiders. Sounds Italian or South East Asian to me....but what do I know?

04 May 2010

Is that a candle? or a consignment of smuggled cocaine?

EMCDDA report says cocaine being mixed with plastic and moulded into consumer products then re-extracted in "secondary extraction laboratories" once across the chosen border. Spain the present centre for the process.