29 October 2012

Lock Jammers steal cars in a click

telegraph article about a £50 device made in China that can block luxury cars electonic locking system, enabling thieves to open doors and start the ignition.

Policing the EU’s External Borders: A Challenge for the Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice? An Analysis of Frontex Joint Operations at the Southern Maritime Border

Paper by Luisa Marin in the Journal of Contemporary European Research


28 October 2012

State-Mafia negotiations on trial

In a few days the trial (preliminary hearings) concerning the alleged State-Mafia negotiations will start. The Italian Government will join the trial as civil claimant.

26 October 2012

Mysterious thefts scupper EU tobacco crackdown

Something not right here...Why should laptop thefts stop legislation? The connection is not obvious.


Plan for hunting terrorists signals US intends to keep adding names to kill lists

First article in a series of three on counter terrorism policy reprinted from the Washington Post by the Independent. Drone victims will hit 3,000 in the near future.Reads a bit like the Wild West mentality is still alive and well at the highest echelons of US government. What will they do with all this stuff when the last al Qaeda operative has been killed? What do we learn from a study of the end of the Cold War and the redeployment of the spooks and funnies? Its essay question time!


CIA veteran Brennan transforms counterterrorism approach

Part 2 of the three article series on contemporary US counter-terrorism. The role of John Brennan in devising strategy and running the system of targeted assassinations. Could this policy be transferred to "organised crime"? Will it be? These are not themes in the article, but once youve declared organised crime to be a national security issue, it's fairly easy to do.


Remote US base at core of secret operations

Third in a series originally published in the Washington Post describing a US drone base in Djibouti


18 October 2012

UNODC's new crime fighting tool turns lessons of the past into policies for the future

Unfortunately I cant find a direct link to the digest. Anyone spotted it?


Human trafficking to UK 'rising'

New Government report:


Anti-Slavery Day: One victim of child sex trafficking is one too many

Article from the Independent discussing why there are so few convictions for trafficking in the UK. Suggests that there is a prioritisation of cutting immigration, so victims tend to be treated as a target for deportation rather than the victim of a crime. In the case of children, the word of an adult is always preferred, as in the emerging controversy over allegations about Jimmy Savile. Finally the legal framework is not fit for purpose.


15 October 2012

The assistant mayor, the Swiss bank accounts and the €350,000 of Moroccan drugs money

Interesting little story about money laundering. Cannabis dealers swapping drug profits for money that tax evaders in France wished to repatriate from Swiss bank accounts. This one will run and run because it involves a prominent Green politician.


09 October 2012

Reggio Calabria municipality dissolved for mafia infiltration

The municipality of Reggio Calabria has been finally dissolved for mafia infiltration ('Ndrangheta). This is the first time a county seat is dissolved for this reason.

04 October 2012

Undercover anti-terror operation wins national award

Undercover officers gather evidence to convict extremists recruiting individuals with mental problems for operations against British troops in Afghanistan


FBI raids suspected hi-tech front company run by 'Russian agent'

Prosecutors in New York and FBI open case alleging high tech products being smuggled to Russia

GardaĆ­ target Real IRA bomb maker

Interesting piece on feud between organised crime groups and real IRA in Dublin. Pipe bombs have been used.