28 August 2012

Fugitive mafia boss arrested in Venezuela

Salvatore Bonomolo, a fugitive mafia boss belonging to the Porta Nuova "mandamento" in Palermo, was arrested on Venezuela's Margarita Island during a joint operation carried out by the Interpol, Italian and Venezuelan police forces. He was on the run since 2007, but he never interrupted his contacts with Sicily.


26 August 2012

Where the Mob Keeps the Money

by Roberto Saviano
THE global financial crisis has been a blessing for organized crime. A series of recent scandals have exposed the connection between some of the biggest global banks and the seamy underworld of mobsters, smugglers, drug traffickers and arms dealers.


23 August 2012

One person killed and another one injured during a shooting at Terracina

One person has been killed and another one injured during a shooting at Terracina, a beach resort near Rome. The victim is Gaetano Marino, member of a Camorrean clan.

20 August 2012

Crime rates rises in Italy

According to the crime statistics relesed today by the Italian Ministry of Interior, in 2012 crime rates in Italy increased of 5.4 percent. The economic crisis and the recession are considered the main causes.