15 March 2009

Pentagon Rethinking old doctrine on 2 wars

What's this got to do with crime? I hear you ask...Well, someone seems to have forgotten in the Pentagon/White House or wherever that a national security strategy is being fought against terrorism and organised crime. It isnt just Iraq and Afghanistan, its terror and drugs as in war on terror, war on drugs...Afghanistan is as much about drugs as it is the Taliban...and Iraq? That was just a terrible mistake...and Colombia, in the shape of FARC as well as what is left of the Medellin and Cali cartels...and Mexico? and the enemies of Israel? and Somalia?...and the Sudan and Zimbabwe..and Cuba...and Venezuela...Ok the last 6 arent declared wars on the part of the US of A...but you get the point? The resources arent there to use force against all your real and imaginary enemies...time for diplomacy?

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