12 June 2013

Call for expressions of interest for Special issue

Current Issues in Criminal Justice Call for expressions of interest for Special Issue

Expressions of interest for 2014 are now open.

Expressions of interest should include:
* Title of the Special Issue
* Name(s)/titles/affiliations of Guest Editor(s)
* A brief description of the scope of the Special Issue and a statement about its interest to the CICJ readership (2 paragraphs)
* List of submissions and article abstracts (if available) proposed for inclusion (title, name of author(s) and affiliations)
* Indication of whether contributing authors have been approached and/or confirmed
* Contact information for the Guest Editor(s).

Guest Editors are expected to commit to working regularly on the Issue, meeting a schedule compiled by the SLS Law Publishing Unit, for at least six months leading up to the Issue's publication. As such, an indication of availability and capacity (of each Guest Editor) to meet deadlines will be required.

As a guide, the Special Issue total word count should not exceed 60,000 words, with articles 6000-8000 words (incl references), Contemporary Comments under 4000, and Book Reviews about 1000.

Recent Special Issues include "Ethnography and Reflective Practice: Studying Crime and Criminal Justice" (July 2013), edited by Dr Max Travers (The University of Tasmania), Dr Judy Putt (The University of Tasmania) and Dr Deirdre Howard-Wagner (The University of Sydney); "Forensic Science and Justice: From Crime Scene to Court and Beyond" (July 2012), edited by Associate Professor Roberta Julian and Dr Sally Kelty (The University of Tasmania); "Beyond Prison: Women, Incarceration and Justice?" (November 2010), edited by Associate Professor Gail Mason (University of Sydney) and Professor Julie Stubbs (University of New South Wales). To view the content of past issues, search for "Current Issues in Criminal Justice" at <http://search.informit.com.au/>.

In addition to expressions of interest for Special Issues, the Editors welcome names of individuals who might be willing to edit a Special Issue at some point in the future, suggestions of topics for Special Issues, and names of individuals who may be approached to edit on a topic of interest.

Please email expressions of interest to Louisa Di Bartolomeo at law.criminology@sydney.edu.au by 31 July 2013. Please contact the Editors with any questions.

Associate Professor Murray Lee and Dr Arlie Loughnan
Editors, Current Issues in Criminal Justice

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