21 May 2013

Human dimensions in organised crime, money laundering and corruption

The eleventh volume of Petrus van Duyne's Colloquium series. Your blogger just attended the 12th Colloquium at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and was very impressed at the way petrus manages to keep his authors on the empirical road.


blakeks said...

i like your blog.because it seems to be one of only few blogs to cover OC from an academic view. but i have a question about the newsletter. according to your website the last issue was in 2011.also, is the group still active?

Smokey said...

Yes we do. A new edition of the newsletter is imminent as i write. we have a new website: http://www.sgocnet.org/

Smokey said...

We also have a Facebook group and a LinkedIn group. The facebook group is a closed group so you have to apply for membership.