06 March 2013

Briton hunted as police crack IRA and Mafia fraud scheme

Bit of a jumble of a story. Torygraph interested in the dissident Republican angle, but having difficulty shoehorning it into what appears to be primarily a Spanish-Italian operation. Ndrangheta allegedly involved, but journalist manages to mentioned Camorra too. The only clear piece of information is that Italian police want to find a Belfast based individual and have arrested a couple of Italians in Spain. Oh and some villas have been built in the South of Italy. The book and film will no doubt follow. Maybe there's a better article in the Italian press.

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Nala said...

I cannot find much more in Italian media. Luxury properties along the beautiful but undeveloped Calabrian coast were built to launder money from cocaine trafficking. The IRA militant was in close contact with some 'Ndrangheta members and he has been selling these properties to Spanish and Irish tourists. http://www.corriere.it/cronache/13_marzo_05/ira-ndrangheta-appalti-riciclaggio_708e4d02-8589-11e2-b184-b7baa60c47c5.shtml
According to different sources, also Spanish investors were involved.