15 March 2012

EU set up special committee on organised crime

The European Parliament has joined the fight against organised crime, corruption and money laundering by creating a special committee, which has one year to investigate the infiltration of the EU’s legal economy, public administration and financial systems by organised crime, including mafias, and propose ways to fight it.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone considering investigating the Standing commity for possible infiltration by organized crime, and what is organized crime anyway?

Anna Sergi said...

We would appreciate if you signed the comment. Nonetheless, a feature of OC is that it seeks money, in the committee there is no profit to be chased, therefore no motive for OC infiltrations. As for what is OC I personally do believe a definition should not be the first concern, but if you are really interested in reading some you should consult Prof. von Lampe website which contains over a hundred definition.


Francesca Longo said...

What is Organised Crime? On this topic you can read a long list of literature. How to fight against it? Even by spreading the knowledge of legality. EP special commitee infiltrated by organised crime? WOW