25 October 2011

Spain and Croatia sign agreement to strengthen cooperation from both countries on fight against organised crime

The Minister for Home Affairs, Antonio Camacho, met in Madrid on Monday 24 October with his counterpart from the Republic of Croatia, Tomislav Karamarko. After the meeting, they signed an "Agreement between the Kingdom of Spain and the Republic of Croatia on combating crime and other matters of security". At the meeting, the Croatian minister wished to congratulate the Government of Spain on the announcement regarding the definitive end of terrorist activity by ETA.

The Spanish and Croatian Home Affairs Ministers also expressed a willingness to strengthen police cooperation in the fight against organised crime and the serious offences that arise from this kind of activity, such as money laundering, people trafficking, sexual exploitation, drugs trafficking, terrorism, etc. Among other things, this cooperation will be strengthened through the exchange of information and material; technical and scientific assistance; the exchange of experiences and units specialising in the areas covered by this agreement; and cooperation in terms of professional training. They also agreed on an exchange of experts in the fight against illegal immigration.

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