10 April 2008

Officials Find Child Pornography on 20,000 Virginia Computers

The paedophilia enterprise is huge. Operation Fairplay provides tracking software now used by 18 countries. Article incoherent in places. A quick google search shows that the last Operation Fairplay was Zia ul Haq'a coupd'etat against Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in Pakistan. Hmmmm.
There appear to be issues here: http://www.protect.org/newswire/pdf/deconflictionwp.pdf
The link is to a white paper from the National Association to Protect Children. Canada has a Microsoft designed system, but the US was using one developed in Wyoming, but now wants to start again.
Without wanting to sound like a conspiracy theorist, you always wonder how far up the tree these people go. The DoJ initiative sounds like a great way to buy a year to regroup for the paedophila networks...Oh, cynical, cynical!

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